Monday, May 19, 2008

Exclude a Program from Start Menu

An entry from my friend, Shameer ...... I think registry editing is in the air... :)

A feature of the new XP Start Menu is a list of the most frequently

used programs on the left side of the menu. Personally, I find this

section rather useless, since a program I'd want to be instantly

available I'd place either in Quick Launch or pin it to the list of programs

above this frequently used programs section.

However, if you find the feature useful but would like to exclude a

specific program from appearing here permanently:

[Start] [Run] [Regedit]

Go to Registry Key:



In the right pane, double click AddRemoveApps. The [Value

Data] box contains a list of the default XP entries. To add a

program to the list, type a semicolon followed by the name of

the program executable

Example: To add Notepad, the entry would be ;notepad.exe

Add as many programs as you like and click [OK]

Exit Registry and Reboot

If you prefer not to edit the registry, you can right click on any

entry in the section and select [Remove From This List] and the

program will be removed. However, this is not a permanent solution

and the program will return eventually as it is accessed by


Another option is to edit the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties

where you can set the number of entries allowed to populate this

section including a setting of zero to eliminate any programs from

being displayed.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hum ne kabhi yeh na socha tha......

My original poem...Not copied!!!

Hum ne kabhi yeh na socha tha
Ki hum bhi aise banenge
Ki kisi ke liye neend gava denke
Ki ek din hum is tharah bekarar honge

Hum ne kabhi yeh na socha tha
Ki ek din hum udaas rahenge
Ki yeh dil hamarae bas mein na honge
Ki yeh meette khwab toot jayenge

Hum ne kabhi yeh na socha tha
Ki hum bhi kabhi shayar banenge
Ki aap ise patenge aur janenge
Ki hum aapko bewakoof banayenge