Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Omni Access 3500 Non-stop Laptop Guardian

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So glad I am part of this !!

Chasing your childhood dreams...

Hi there, long time!!

Some days ago, I was browsing through Sreelal's blog and came across few sentences which struck me..
"When did I start painting? What did I draw first? Did I use a pen or a pencil or was it something else?"

Painting..A hobby which could give me all happiness in this world. Its not a hobby..Its something to express my feelings...Something I lost hold of in the long run! It meant a lot to me..How time has changed me , my dreams..

Then a good friend of mine, Veenus san, send me a video to watch.Click here to watch the video. It is really inspiring.
Altogether, it again made me think what I have done to achieve my childhood dreams!

There was a time when I wished I could paint..paint so well that I could display it to people, but I wouldnt sell it, for sure. I used to wonder even a stroke of M.F.Hussain became modern art, why not me!! I know he is a great person but somehow I feel more comfortable with the pictures that small children draw than what they call "modern art". No offence meant!

Even now I do wish I could become the same old girl I used to be, with lots of hope from life! With paints and brushes around me...In my own world!

It was last week that I felt I should get back to my old ways, took up a pencil and started to sketch..Leave the sketching part, I couldnt even hold the pencil properly...Disgusting is my situation..

Maybe one day, I will scan my sketches and put it up in my blog! Me too waiting for that day....

Friday, July 4, 2008

Command lines in Windows..

I was not keen about working on command lines..but I was usually asked my colleagues about what is the particular command in windows for a corresponding command in linux..Working on windows from command line..aah..I never knew the answer but i googled.. and there are actually commands but we rarely use them...

So some of the things I wish I could that next time some person well-versed in Linux asks me some doubts..I might be able to stand upto them. You can easily google and find them...I am blogging for my ease..

All these have worked on Windows XP

1. To start a process
eg: start notepad

2.To kill a process
eg: tskill notepad

3. To list the processes that are running

4. To start a service
sc start

5. To stop a service
sc stop

6. To query the status of a service
sc query

7. To get system information

8. To get time

9. To display disk information

10. To configure IP

11. Manipulating the network routing tables

12. Execute a program under a different user account

Maybe I will add more information in the future..Thats all for now...Got some work!!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Motivation !

I dont know how many people feel this way.. but from yesterday, I am all lost! Lost all my motivation..Feeling very dejected.. Now you must be wondering why I am spreading the negative energy to the world.. I am not! Just that I am feeling very low, I cannot go around, put all my anger at anyone right? I cant..So what do I do..Blog?? Ah dont know!

Ok I wont bore you! So what does motivation mean? Some one appreciates you for your good work and you are motivated? Or you can say "Positive strokes"? Maybe some one thanks you for what you have done and you are motivated?or do you feel good? or do you feel happy? or is it pride? and when things dont happen the way you thought it would and then how do you feel ? demotivated??

Articles from papers say "You must talk and earn your respect" .. You keep quiet.. and no one just cares for you.They take advantage of you ..very true!!

I think expectation is the villain.. If you dont expect anything, you are never hurt.. Maybe all these are different things.. I am in a state where I cant figure out where and what went wrong.. I just know its wrong..

Why am I like this?? I am reminded of the song.."Mein aisa kyun hoon" of lakshya..

So what makes me happy? Home, being with parents, friends, work...

I dont know..sorry to bore you.. I will be back with more energy next time.. and next time it will be positive energy.. :)