Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rang de basanthi.....

Yesterday I was travelling from Bangalore to home and it was a terrible travel ..Oh God! It was raining heavily and I got completely drenched. The bus was also late..No place to keep the bag..had to hold on to 2 bags + 1 umbrella..and whats the use of the umbrella anyway..the rain comes from all directions altogether..and there comes a dog near me!! oh god!! It was really a horrible night.. and suddenly someone comes and touches me on my face and then I realize I had been so upset about being drenched that I didnt notice my collegemate, my old friend, Santhi, who was trying to call me plenty of times..The worst part is she comes in front of me and still I am so pissed off that I dont even look up to see who is in front of me!

We talked for sometime and then she left..Again the wait continues... Even in this rain, small boys come to beg..Some people cursing the moment they chose to travel that day! Rain is not so bad after all...but rain in Bangalore is not exciting I tell you. But maybe it is not because it is Bangalore, maybe its just that we are not expecting rain at that moment.

So after a long wait, my bus arrives and I sit down comfortably in my seat..The after-effect of rain is not yet over...The seats are drenched...The floor is wet...All are drenched..the windows are closed in the bus..It smelt real bad inside the bus..yuck!! Oh by the time I reached home..I hated myself.. Ok I am not going to describe how I smelt...Now inside the bus , I met another collegemate of mine..and then I felt.. how often will I be able to see my friends in the long run...After 3 years since I left college, how many of my friends have I really met? 10? 20? And how many will I meet again?

In "Rang de Basanthi", there is a dialogue by Aamir, "College ke is par hum duniyo ko nachate hain, to college ke us paar duniya humko nachate hain"..Very true..When we are in college.., we rule over the world..Its like we control the world..Friendship,unity, fights,jokes,infactuations, love,bunking classes,icecreams, treats,tours,strikes..Maybe I missed a lot more to describe college..But once out of college..we are all in our own world.. Being driven by the society and its rules..

Lost in this busy reach ones' settle live a living.. to be happy...No time for friends??? Missing you my friends...missing you...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A sketch...

So at last, my attempt to keep my promise..I know its bad...but cant help it... :(