Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Learn to read through the mask !

I am not going to describe about the film "The Mask".. Just wondering about the people one comes to interact with, in everyday life.. I believe everything that happens in your life is for a reason. If a person has had an impact on your life (be it good/bad) ,for even a moment, there is a reason!!

Like Shakespeare mentioned:" All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players"

... Interpreting it in my way, we all are acting a role (our life) .. Sometimes , we are the comedians, sometimes we are the villains, sometimes we are the heros.

(I dont want to mention heroines, bcoz bollywood films have given an impression to me that heroines are not really worth! They are not the so called "able people" but only "beautiful people". I dont want to discuss it here, maybe I will start another thread later!)

So everyone (he/she) wants to be a hero in the end!

How do we recognise if our co-actor is a hero/villain? Everyone has got a mask!! A mask which portrays innocence.. Dont be duped by the mask!! To read through the mask, that is the real victory in life! Even in my life, I am not what I am to many people.. Ok, let me not confuse...If you get a chance to read through my autograph book (or even known me in person), you get to know two distinct personalities of mine! One, which is very shy. Introvert to a very large extend. Kind of a "jaada" (in malayalam) character..
The other side, is one who speaks a lot! One who can bore you to core with her talks! Two extreme character within the same person...

Now which is the mask? Am I duping people? I am not.. I am basically an introvert who has got a big ring [mask] of shyness around her. If you are able to cross through the ring, you find the talkative me!! Could be that everyone has their own ring of shyness/ego? No one does it knowingly.. But how do we read the character through that mask/ring?

Reading the other's mind is always a fascination... But thats not my intention yet.. But to know a person.. Experience can help, I believe.. Everyone has to learn from their own mistakes... But confirming the fact that unless there are villains, we wont know the value of a hero..maybe we should taste all aspects of life and then come to a conclusion..

The world is a stage..where I too am playing my role... Hopefully to become victorious in the end.. If one day, I realise the ways to read through the mask, may be I will jot it down too later....Right now, I am confused..and am leaving you too in the confusion! If at all you have some tips, please share... help people who are confused like me!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some more paintings.....

Today, I was searching for an old book, and came across some of my old paintings... So adding one of them... Did it in 2001..

Rest I am planning to put up here as a slide show..

Well, this motivated me a lot.. After so many years, I took paint today.. I held my old brush and I painted..It has some more patch work to be done! last...I am on my path of achieving my childhood dream!

So thats all for today..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What does it take to be a professional

When someone asks me what I am, I reply very proudly..
"I am a software engineer"..
"Oh a computer professional!!" comes the reply..

Yes, indeed I am a computer professional if you say so..but actually am I a professional? What does the meaning of a professional signify?
a) Having a profession, of course..
b) Being expert in whatever profession he/she is indulged in
c) ??

‘Profession’ derives from the Latin word ‘profiteor,’ to profess, which can also have the connotation of making a formal commitment in the sense of taking a monastic oath. This root might suggest that a professional is someone who claims to possess knowledge of something and has a commitment to a particular code or set of values, both of which are fairly well-accepted characteristics of professions. [I did not say this, I read it so!!]

No no!! I dont want the dictionary meaning.. I am stuck at the part of what it means to be a professional.. Now, you work in an environment and suddenly get amused with how it worked, or by whatever someone may say "Now thats not being professional"..So whats being professional??!!

Some points I got after googling( I am wondering what I would have done if Google wouldnt have been there!!)
  • Respect for Others
  • Responsibility and Integrity
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Commitment beyond yourself
Ok..thats better!! Maybe I can add just one point!!
->This is not your school or college!! Grow up!! No one cares about your innocence!! You need to be strong!! There are battles to be won!!

I have a long way to go!! Being a professional is indeed real tough!! So are you a professional??