Saturday, November 29, 2008


Life has started becoming boring..

Sitting all alone at home...Chatting with friends, browsing, sleeping, eating, and a uninteresting process to read a book..This describes my day best.. After college, its almost like I have lost touch with books..If I am able to read 2-3 pages a day, it will be a great achievement for me!

So while sitting idle in front of the laptop, I just remembered the suggestion of my friends..They said possibly I could maintain two blogs..because here my personal blogs and technical views seems to intervene... At last, today I created a new blog..and I was in the process of moving some of the blogs from here to the new one...and suddenly I felt that process too boring..

I think there should be some easier approach to move a post from one blog to another [provided the owner of both blogs is same]. Because, right now, I copy each entry and paste it in the other. The result, I lose the comments received for the post in one blog...If only I could move the blog to the other one, maybe I could retain the comments too..

You could say I am lazy again!! Want easier approach for everything...... but the fact is my patience level has decreased..I am bored!! Maybe google can give me an answer for this...

Friday, November 28, 2008

What are we doing???

Long time since I have blogged...

The Mumbai attack has shocked the world , has shocked me too. How insecure we are in this world. We have a good defence force, but still we are unable to handle an attack. Don't know if its the fault in detection of such well-planned attacks..or is it just that we don't actually believe in defending? I am sure, people will forget this incident too within a week or two and life will come back to normal. And again , people will panic on next attack.....Terror...How easy is it to terrorize people? Even a small bomb blast in Bangalore, terrorized many including just imagine the impact this would have on people who are affected.. We just watch TV or update ourselves with the news..but have you ever thought what could be done to stop this??

Maybe we might discuss this topic over a cup of tea..But have you thought how can we actually stop this?
It is very easy to plant a bomb at any place in this country..Why?? Are people ignorant of the fact that any unattended stuff could possibly be a bomb...Or do we feel a kind of security such as "Ok, at least we and our dear ones are not affected, so its fine??" Are we so selfish? Or dont we have time for such things?? I have no hope from the government or the political leaders...

We all know mistakes can happen but to learn from our mistakes and correcting it is the best approach...So how many more mistakes does India need to learn?

Unless the common man speaks up, India cannot rise!!