Saturday, December 13, 2008


Many have asked me why do I use the word Phoenix. Many might be knowing by now..but I thought I should give a summary about it too..when my blog already is named on phoenix.

According to ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology, Phoenix is a bird which burns itself to death and then is reborn again from its ashes. It lives for around 1000 years, after which it sets to fire it own nest and turns itself to ashes, from which a new young phoenix is a new life.. The symbol of rebirth. It is believed that only one Phoenix exists at a time.

I first came to know about this bird, during my school days. I had a lesson in english where they describe about this bird. I no longer remember the story but I still remember the bird. The bird has been mentioned in Harry Potter stories too.

Not that I believe in rebirth, but I want to rise again from my downfall. So Phoenix is my inspiration. I believe my point is proved! :) And so my blog too named on Phoenix.

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