Thursday, April 16, 2009

John Cena

It was during my childhood days when I started seeing WWF. (World Wrestling Federation). Dont remember when I stopped watching it too. The champions I can recollect are Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Bret Hitman Hart. After a long long time, recently I again started watching WWE in between. No-one impressed me but for this one person "John Cena". A very casually dressed handsome. The way he came , fought and went. It made things seem so easy. The music that ran in the background when he entered is so beautiful, that I enjoy his entry like any other fan of his does.

As usual, I googled.. And I was amazed to find he is an American actor, hip hop musician, and wrestler. Wow!!!

Details at wikipedia

The entry in wikipedia contains the song too."The Time is Now".

Why me?

Yesterday, while trying to catch some good sleep in "the not-so-cold" night, I realized I am being attacked ! My well-known enemies, the mosquitoes. I have realized this every single time. I am usually the sole person in the room that mosquito bites. Its not just now, from very young age.

When I looked around, I found my roommates having sound sleep. I was so jealous.
I was wondering, "Why only me?"

So here is the answer,

"With every breath, we exhale carbon dioxide and our bodies emit a rich bouquet of odours – sweet perfume to a mosquito searching for a human to feed upon. Within the mosquito's antennae are sensors tuned to these chemicals enabling the mosquito to find its host to blood-feed.

Some people or species are often bitten by mosquitoes more than others. Much of this selection occurs through the mosquito's response to visual or odour cues."

Well, just when I was about to publish this blog, one of my roommates commented that she too was bitten by mosquitoes yesterday. So we concluded maybe those mosquitoes needed O+ blood yesterday. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Radiators and Drains

After a depressing session of first semester MS exams, I decided to take a break. So visited Forum and was browsing through the books, when I found a book I longed to buy. "34 Bubblegums and Candies" by Preeti Shenoy. I am not so keen about reading books and now that I am pursuing MS, I am now least bothered to touch my books. :( But I wanted to buy this book, because I loved the way she used to blog. so I bought this book and started reading and its really good book. Today I came upon a particular entry in the book related to "Radiators and Drains".

Further investigation [google search ;)] gave me the following information. This term was first coined by Tim Melville Ross, DG of the Institute of Directors. When he was asked "What was the principal thing you had to learn to become successful ?", He replied in the following manner:

"Over the years I learnt there are two types of people – the ‘radiators’ and ‘drains’. Radiators give themselves with enthusiasm to any project, whereas drains consume energy with negativity and moaning. Surround yourself with the former and you will succeed. Of course you have to be a radiator yourself."

Truely, there are different types of people that we come accross in our lives. But people who are radiators motivates us to the core. Leaves us happy. It is not that people can always be radiators at all instances/ Life has their ups and downs but to handle the downs and still be a radiator matters.

Everyone has issues.Everyone has things to moan about. But inspite of all that, if you are able to provide the positive energy and motivate yourself and others, there is nothing else that can make you successful and happy.