Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A dream come true!

People who know me personally would be knowing my biggest dream in life. A visit to United States of America. This might seem to be a silly dream for most but for me, it was more than anything. And on May 24th at 5am IST, I landed at USA. A dream come true!

The travel from India to USA was too good. Got into British Airways. And landed at London. Then from London to US. BA service was too good. Be it the steward / air hostess or be it the food, it was good!

From the Newark airport till the hotel was a 1/2 an hour travel.

The London Airport customs took away my toothpaste and contact lens solution. So a warning for first time travelers, please carry smaller quantities of gels or liquids in your handbag.

Reached the hotel and slept. Woke up, had some ready to make food and again slept..A recursive cycle. Now on May 26th 3.35 am , I am blogging.

Maybe the excitement has reached the peak or maybe my tiredness has reached its peak, whatever be the reason, the end result is I am left with no sleep!

Will be filling in my experience in US here whenever I get time...If it sounds boring..please forgive me for 2 months... :)

One more thing I forgot which was very essential in this travel was the voltage converter. Ok let me just wind up, since my battery is running out of power.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A trip to Mysore!

It was a long weekend..and Priya's relatives had come home. Yesterday, we planned to go to Mysore. Since we couldnt get a cab as we had planned..we decided to go by bus. Now dont forget the fact that my sleep had delayed the entire trip by 1 hour. Caught the volvo bus and reached Mysore...had lunch and moved to see the Mysore Palace. It was nice. I am going to Mysore for the second time, so things were not new..but still the experience was different from my previous visit.

So after the visit to Palace, we decide to see the Vrindhavan Gardens. The best part starts here..We had an aged driver and a old ambassador to guide us to the gardens.We were excited about reaching there in 1/2 an hour and had also planned to return in an hour.But there were different plans waiting for us...there was this huge traffic jam awaiting us on our way and we got badly stuck.We couldn't move further ahead, we couldn't return..It was big time mess..

To add to the horror, we had a really impatient driver who badly wanted to overtake us, in the jam. I just couldnt figure out why because, only gain for him was he would be a vehicle ahead in the jam. We would have really picked up a fight with him, but our driver overtook him..and I rolled up the windows [scared, he might just beat us up!] Striving ahead we reached the gardens after 2 1/2 hours. phew!!

What more!! The musical fountain had got over!! Walked through the garden, for the sake of having taken so much troubles to end up there!

You must have seen quite a number of snaps of the beautiful Vrindhavan.. For us its beauty still remains hidden in the dark..Even the picture taken from there could have been no better.

We returned back to Mysore bus-stand to find no more volvo buses... We all ended up in the normal buses and reached Bangalore at 2 am today. After all miseries of the travel, it is still fun to remember those moments now.

I am not sure what Priya's relatives have concluded upon about the idea of Vrindhavan Gardens..Maybe we should take them again next time they come to Bangalore..Let me suggest it to Priya.