Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My first laptop

Today I got my first laptop. Feels so good.

HP dv4t customized version. Now I can play loads of games :) Going to enjoy to the fullest.

Not much problems with the laptop though, only that vista is booting up slow...Not really for impatient people like me.

The keyboard is awesome..feels like typing in more and more...Feels like I am in with my laptop..dont take me wrong ;)

Its got Nvidia...something I wanted in my laptop..Something I had decided long back...but was not sure when it would be true...

I dont know if you can see me gleaming ...but I am ...happy ...Now busily installing all softwares that I need...First among them being gtalk and firefox.

The display is awesome, so are the speakers...hahaha..If I keep on praising like this, maybe I will go on blogging forever...Signing off now

Monday, July 13, 2009

Two months in US

Ok, I am back..after a long time..Not that I hadn't visited places to say about..not that I didnt have time..its because I just couldn't get the right words at the right time to pen down my thoughts.

Not that now I have an overstock of words..but I felt its been a long time..and this is not me!!I need to blog and then it becomes me .. :)

Well, if I give a summary of what I had been doing in US for all these weeks...I have been roaming about like crazy. The weekends were as packed as the weekdays. Saw the Bushkill falls, pennsylvannia. Went to New York a couple of times. Saw the Rockefellar's center, Bryant park, Empire state building, Central Park. Saw the liberty science center. Then went to Atlantic city. Went to Six Flags. Enjoyed the Independence day Macy's fireworks at New York. Went to Hershey's Chocolate Factory and quite a number of shopping malls... I think I should dedicate a blog each for the different places I visited..I promise to do that some time. Forgot to mention, One of the cities that has awed New York...It like in a dreamland...The skyskapers make you feel so small..a feeling of Alice in wonderland ... hehe.

Still not the entire US though(which is impossible)..but yes, quite a number of places have been covered.

I liked the people here..The way they treat others. The way they maintain the beauty of the country. The way they appreciate other people's presence. I think they are a bit too orderly..but maybe that's how they are. They are more expressive. Every region has a different culture and this was a good experience to know and understand all that.

I had been thinking how I was in India and how I am in US. In India, I was more comfortable. Don't ask me why..I am still pondering over the answer. Things I miss are my parents, my mom's food. My house. Travel in father's bike. Fun with my roommates at Bangalore. All my friends.. and miss speaking Malayalam and Kerala food. But sometimes I feel you need to be far away at times from your normal life to value what you have in life... ha..being a bit philosophical I guess..

Its been 2 months now..1 more to go...and I will be back. then maybe I will miss US. Grass on the other side is always greener :)