Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2 states

So again I took a non-technical book to read..and believe me I completed it. If I dont have a blog dedicated to that book, I would not be fair to the author. The book is "2 states" by chetan bhagat. I am not a follower of Chetan Bhagat. I have not read any of his earlier books..But yes..I liked this book of his..Very simple but yet so interesting...

The story is basically based on the love affair between a north-indian guy and a south-indian gal. And how they try to convince their parents about their love.

Seriously, love itself is complicated. Its tough to get married with the same state in India. Then north-indian , south-indian difference is even complicated..I dont know why society has to make life complicated. I know we make the society, then why dont we change it?

Maybe all fight in their small small ways..and then give up..I too just blog and give up one day? Dont know..I really dont know what is store for me in my future.. So maybe in future when I know what I have done, I might put in a new post...Till then enjoy the book :) Its really awesome.

One sad part of completing the book was that..now I have nothing to read during my long bus travel to office..I think I should start the habit of reading now...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am blocked!!

Again a long pause...Is it because I had nothing significant to blog? No..then ??

Was it a writer's block? hehehe..I am calling myself a writer ;)

I first came to know about this "Writer's block" in a malayalam movie called Kaiyoppu...I have no intention of describing the movie here, since even after so many years after watching the movie, I havent understoof what the movie wanted to convey. And worst of all,I couldnt relate the title of the movie to anywhere with the context of the movie.Maybe it was too intellectual..for me to understand..

Anyways, coming back to the word of interest, Writer's block.So what is it actually..If a writer (by profession..not me of course!! :P ) comes to a state where the person is not able to think anything creative. So the person could be in this state for years or maybe lifelong. Anyways..my concern is, so why only writer's have this block ? Dont software engineers have a block? Maybe programmer's block? So what happens in this state?

Let me think something wild...maybe the person stops coding? Maybe he/she sits in front of the computer and forgets what he/she was supposed to do next? Or what would be a block? Maybe a programmer is not able to find a new solution for a problem?Do we actually have a block and we tend to never realize?

What makes a writer's block different?

If just forgetting things was a block...I would say its a "Ghajini effect"..but if I was not able to think something creative, then its different....So maybe its the creativity blockage..and software engineers are seldom creative? How can that be..Each day I get a new bug..Amn't I being creative in writing new bugs ;) So maybe when you stop creating new bugs..you have reached programmer's block ..

Hahaha...This was just a blog to get me out of my block..you name it! :)