Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Backup for your failure!

Plan A, Plan B and Plan C?

Many at times, I have heard people coming with a Plan B. Since they want to make sure, if at all anything fails, there is always an alternative way out. Its really a good thought..But I was just pondering over the thought..Why do you call it Plan B? So the original plan should be plan A and any other plan after B should be Plan C?

Just a wild thought..but I thought of pondering over it for sometime.

So Plan A is the original plan. Why in the first do we actually think of Plan B? Fear of failing? So Plan A (Active or Action?) and Plan B(Backup?).

We might have initially a plan..Some task to achieve?Or some dream not fulfilled yet. And some reality of life or surroundings, make us believe that Plan A is "unachievable" and then we think of Plan B, and we fall back!

We are happy with Plan B but we fail to analyze why Plan A never succeeded. I had my own plan A, plan B, plan C..actually now I lost count of my plans ;) maybe its Plan (Z+1) (or maybe if it was a circular queue, I am in Plan A again...now that's positive thinking!)

So what I am trying to pen down here is, why not go back...think over Plan A once more and achieve it...What's stopping us? If for everything we depend on Plan B..when will we ever work on Plan A??

I am pondering over questions...which needs answers...

So I am going to redo it..Going to work hard on my Plan A ....Plan B is already running behind my mind ;)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Motivating myself...a tough job!!

Having a dream.......Achieving the dream...It gives immense pleasure , isnt it? And what about when you dreams shatter?? You die? Or you come back (like the Phoenix :)) trying again to achieve your dream?

I was just doing a lot of browsing..

Firstly because, I had no work to do.
Secondly because, my dreams are actually shattered.
Thirdly because, I needed a topic to blog.

So let me start from 0. I use Stumble Upon, when I run out of ideas..One of the best tool I have found with Firefox. I have been using it for years..Firefox and Stumble Upon, somethings I am really crazy about. So using Stumble Upon, I am able to browse through random web pages of my interest and I liked the way it learned. Whatever the algorithm it used..I think I will write a blog about it later after some R&D.

So browsing through that, I came across the following words:

Courage doesn't always roar, sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying "i will try again tomorrow"

These are about a book written by Mary Anne.

I got connected to those words. Me being a person quite emotional and still unable to express my feelings well in words, find these quotes a way to mask my weakness maybe. I would quote it as it is my courage and not my weakness..

I didnt stop there, I kept on stumbling pages after pages and I came across,
"33 Ways To Get And Keep Yourself Motivated"..I dont know if I can be motivated so easily, but one point, just one point..


Keep A Log Of Your Breakthroughs

Do you remember when you had the first major success of your life? I thought so. We tend to overlook this simple habit of writing down our feelings every time we have a major breakthrough in our lives. Keep a log of your successes. And get inspired by it.


I used to..seriously..I used to keep writing down my achievement, my failures, my feelings about a particular incident. I was not a person who used to write dairy entries every day but I used to write my feelings about any particular incident which shook me with happiness or sadness or curiosity or whatever feeling. And it used to give me immense pleasure in going through those entries again, inspiring myself to learn from my mistakes and also to congratulate myself on those victories.

Nowadays, I don't! why??

Search for my answer is this blog!

While going through an old moment which gave happiness, makes you feel happy again. We are living through that moment again. When we go through our gloomy moments, we tend to feel sad again. Some get stuck in the past, never get over them..They forget to live the present moment and by the time they realize it, the present would have been past itself...

Yes, I am stuck..I am stuck in my past..and that too with those moments which has hurt me..which has given me lot of sadness or disturbed me..and I forget that there were so many good things happening around me that I forgot to notice.

So maybe I should blog only good things :) So I will happy myself :) What say?? And the bad things I will keep in my personal dairy... (Sssshhhh)