Monday, January 18, 2010

Something vague.....

A number of thoughts were in her mind as she ran into the fast as her legs could take..She had to hide somewhere, before they catch up with her. She looked around. She found some bushes nearby..She planned to move behind them..a good place to hide maybe. She waited behind the bushes. The footsteps came nearer. The chasers stopped a few feet before her. They were talking something among themselves. She tried to hear what they were planning but alas she couldn't hear them properly. She waited for their action. They slowly split into different directions.

One of them moved closer to her. She could hear her heart beat faster. Could he hear them too?

As the tall shadow of the chaser approached her, her heartbeat sounded louder. Did it slip a beat? Before she could think about it, she saw a knife shining in the darkness and it swung swiftly in the air...Swash!!
Blood blood everywhere!
The smell of blood filled the air!

With blood in her hands, she ran, contented with the fact that her victim count has increased by one more. A number of thoughts were in her mind as she ran into the dark ...

A serial killer on the loose!