Sunday, March 14, 2010

2010 F1 season begins...

Been a very long time since I posted something..

Its Aamir's birthday and I just hoped he would call me for his birthday.. Its OK.. I am used to it ;)

There was a reason why I blogged today..Its not because its Aamir's birthday...Its because after a very long time...I saw F1 Race. the 2010 season opener - Bahrain Grand Prix..

Was talking to my friend and he told me about the race..and I realized it had been a very long time I have watched one.. I used to follow F1 crazily during my younger days...but lost the flow sometime .. Dont know when..

But I used to keep myself informed about whats happening with Schumi...yes maybe I watched it for Schumi..or maybe because I loved racing...

Seeing the race after a long time.. made me enjoy it the same way I did then. Inspite of the fact that Schumi reached 6th, I never felt so sad. Maybe it was the game that I loved more...Or was it the cars? :)

So today the race ended with Alonso winning it for Ferrari..

It was hard to accept Schumi not in Red...but all's fine as far as the game goes on.

Just thinking about the F1... How would it be to ride one :) Maybe I will have a chance one day ;)