Saturday, July 24, 2010

Various thoughts

I was walking back from office. Like any software engineer would be while going back..happy to be away from office..having some song playing in the ears..and thoughts roaming over some incident/bug that is happening in office!

I suddenly glanced something painful happening..that all office thoughts left me in a jiffy..
There was a cow on the other side of the road. A person was pulling the rope which was tied around the cow. The cow was reluctant to go forward even a step.. And to add to the pain, there were two guys on a bike, pushing the cow from behind.. I felt so painful..but I was so scared to raise my voice against them..So bad I am!!


While going out for lunch yesterday, saw a group of people surrounding the lake inside our tech-park. There was a buffalo who was inside the lake, trying its best to come to the shore. But it was just going round and round, deep into the water. Its eyes were all red..painful sight..people from the shore tried to call it towards the shore..but poor thing couldn't do much, she just went round n round.. I was a mere spectator..half of me wanting to not witness the painful sight of her drowning..and half of me expecting to see her being saved. Then two people very bravely got into the water and pulled her to the shores..The people on the bank encouraged the people who did the brave act.. Well after all this, I saw her twice gobbling all the grasses..I guess, just water alone makes you hungry!!


I was standing at the bus stop yesterday. Time should be around 2.30 pm.. I was bored waiting for the bus, that I looked around for something interesting. I found 3 people. What were they trying to do? Two of them were trying to move a slab of stone from the ground. They had two rods using the support of which, they tried to move the slab from two ends. The third person was trying to move the slab from beneath using his hands and head. After a lot of effort, they slowly moved it a bit. They didn't stop there. They were slowly trying to bring the slab up to the ground.

It reminded me of my school physics class. How much work is done in moving a stone. Work done = force x distance

I was just wondering.. How many slab would they have to bring up like this everyday..How much hard work under the sun. All sweating..and how much would they be earning daily for this?

And what do I do?? I spend most of my hours in front of computer.. trying to find a bug which I myself would have created some days back.. inside air-conditioned rooms, and still I crib about how much low my salary is. huh!!

A so-called software engineer...can only blog! do nothing else to make an impact on someone else's life.