Friday, September 17, 2010

Being multilingual....

When I first decided to come to Bangalore because of new job, I decided I should learn the native language, Kannada. Although I had decided, I reached Bangalore knowing just two statements. "Ninna hesaru enu?" "Kannada gothilla". I was overwhelmed by the new language and bought a book to learn Kannada..but to tell the truth, I didn't even turn a page and make an effort to learn it. My work started and I forgot I had to learn Kannada.

Days passed when Geetha initiated to start a Kannada class in office. Again I decided to make use of this opportunity. The class bought in the confidence in me to speak Kannada.. but work again brought an abrupt end to those classes. With the little Kannada I learnt, I used to feel very proud.

This incident happened two days back. Achu and me were traveling to office. We got into the bus. I took out Rs. 100 and boasted in my Kannada..."Eradu Domlur". The lady conductor gave me a look...then she gave me two 10Rs ticket and said she will give the balance later. I was happy with the fact that I spoke Kannada and obtained 2 tickets ;) After some time, the conductor gave me the balance...Now comes the actual story...The balance was only Rs.75/- I called her..and said..about the balance issue..but unfortunate..the ticket collector failed to understand what I was trying to convey.Alas, my broken Kannada...I tried my best...but she just failed to give me my money back. Then the people in entire bus pulled in. All the people out there translated my broken Kannada into proper Kannada. Then the ticket collector angrily took my money and counted it. Then she realized I have to get Rs.5 back. She gave me the entire money. First time I felt happy about getting Rs.5. Maybe it was a partial win for my least people in the bus were able to understand my Kannada. :)

I think its high time I learn the language properly and use it. Else I should restrain myself from messing up with any language.