Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My virtual presence

I am really running out of ideas these days. More than ideas, my brain is always in some thought process..not a real great thought process though!!

I used to have a hotmail id. I had created it long back and recently I had not used it. Some days back I tried logging into my account and it said such an account doesn't exist. I thought I forgot my password. I usually forget a lot of it!! But alas no! My account itself got deleted. Thankfully no-one had claimed my id yet, so re-created my id. Not a big deal for me, since no-one specifically mails me in that id. But this event triggered some thought in me. My id had just been recycled. Just because I didn't use it for some 3 months or so. Did msn think I just died??

This made me think even more.."What will happen to my virtual presence after my death?" Death is a truth. One day or the other I need to leave this world. So after that day when I leave this earth, all these things that I have blogged will still remain or will it too be recycled? All my twitter account, facebook, orkut, linked in, gmail, picasa and what not!!

I recently read my friend's blog where he mentions to have cleaned up his blog because he wanted to maintain good things in his people will feel good after reading it, even after his death.

But will the blog remain long after a person's death. If so, wont there be a stage,where there will be no storage space at all?? I know all are crazy abt larger memory and larger storage space..but how much larger..maintaining the space, retrieving will just make things slower. Isn't cleanup necessary at one point?

I guess it should ideally recycle the space. But not if user doesn't use it for months..They could wait say maybe 5 years?? Again there is a conflict of interest. Earlier people used to write books / scribble on walls and those used to get spread among mankind.. But what will happen to virtual presence? It will just get wiped off and someone would have to reinvent the wheel again?? Or isn't virtual presence really worth it?? Not that I have wrote down things that could be published as books.. but I cant completely ignore the fact that one day I might just bring out an awesome idea :) So if I do, then?? what is the best way to present it?? Virtually or maybe real writing or scribbling or drawing ..Hmm.. My thoughts!!