Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Final countdown of my beloved

The last few days of my love, my HP laptop.. I am in such a confused state that I dont know what I should be doing..Yesterday, went to the HP authorised center in Indiranagar and the only words they repeated were that they cant repair it, since its not supported. For them its just another laptop but for me, its my only laptop.

Coming back from the service center, I didnt know how I should end my beloved. Put it in a coffin and bury it or maybe cremate it..Whatever it is the last rituals needs to be performed by me..

I dont know how I will live further..without checking mails..without chatting..without blogging..without social networking...no facebook, no twitter..no games...oh god!! Am I addicted!!

What will I do without my laptop.. :(

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Colours of North India

A trip to North India. Another unforgettable trip of my life..Thought I should blog it before I forget :)

It was a well unplanned planned trip. Planned because we knew on 19th of April, we have our viva at BITS, Pilani. We had planned we would spend a week for this trip and visit places in and around Delhi etc.. Unplanned because we hadn't planned further into the plan till the last moment!!! From requirements, we jumped into coding.....

Requirement: Attend Viva
Estimate officially:1 day for viva, 2 1/2 days for travel
Estimate unofficially : 7 days
Guidance:Friends n Parents n Previous learning(set to NULL) :)
Actual brains involved: n numbers :) [where n tends to infinity]

Our trip started with lot of hush-hush..2 girls from south travelling to north was like some big crime and seemed to be some really risky thing..but we two took it as a challenge..Now who else will go for a viva, tell me!!

Our trip started from Bangalore to Delhi on 17th of April (Sunday). The journey in the flight was good. We reached Delhi in around 3 hours..No let me correct you, we reached Delhi in 2 1/2 hours.. for 15 minutes the pilot just kept roaming around the airport since he wasn't able to land the plane..So after 3 hours, we were actually out of Delhi airport. Since it was a domestic flight, got down at Terminal 1D and got onto a prepaid cab and went to Terminal 3. From here, we boarded Delhi metro..Awesome facility..Fell in love at first sight..with the train..nothing else!!

From Terminal-3 to New Delhi Railway station, the travel in metro reminded me of the travel in New York..ahhhh..Old memories..Never thought there are parts of India which really tries to maintain pace with the rest of the world..Soon I felt we are not far away from being what other countries say they are! Developed!! Anyways..Now comes the best part. Got out of New Delhi metro station and real Delhi life kicks in. Auto rickshaw, cyclerikshaw drivers don't know who all..All approached us to get us to our destination or their destination..I really am not sure whose destination..but some destination!! Without giving much importance to them, based on geography and some common direction sense, was walking towards the hotel.

Further still somehow we managed to reach the hotel (Thanks to all the people who told the right way) and stay there was really good..Next day morning, booked a cab and landed at ISBT..It means Inter State Bus Terminal..Oops..Did I say that? One of parts of old Delhi..Disgustingly maintained bus terminal! I really cant help saying this!!

Got into the bus to Pilani..And a long 6 1/2 hour journey. Some things I loved about the bus journey. I had never travelled in such a normal bus for more than 2 hours at a stretch ..So that was the first point. Second one were the words inscribed on the front in Hindi.."1,2,3 seatom par baitne wale yatriyan sona mana hai!!" I immediately checked my seat number..thank god, it was 25..Another was the speaker in the front. The driver seemed to be a big fan of those old Hindi songs..which I used to listen to in radio from Vivid bharati..What I liked more is...there was this song.."Jhumka ghira re..." In between, the song stopped and one of the co-passenger continued "phir kya hua"..and the driver replied "Phir..ghumka ghira re"..and both of them together completed the song till the radio/player resumed. Awesome temperament among people in Rajasthan. Something I noticed was, those people didn't know each other before, but it never mattered. they talked as if they were long lost friends..Reached Pilani and stayed at hostel. Next day was the viva, which was a pretty good experience. And journey back to Delhi. A bit adventurous this time..The driver didn't enjoy songs at all :(

From Delhi, roamed around different parts and next day to Agra..Roamed around various places. Met two of my classmates in the process. Took lot of photographs.. Lot of shopping..went into the heart of Sarojini Market, Karol bagh..Another metro travel from Karol Bagh to Rajiv Chowk...

And in this trip I changed my view about something. The Singh theory!

I used to have this thought about Punjabis..and I used to believe all Singhs are Punjabis..I used to believe all Singhs are so innocent people that people make jokes about them and make fun of them..Our guide for Agra tour was a Singh.. My friends said, he looks fake and I was in all support for him..I said "No, he is a Singh..So he should be innocent!!"..And my friend asked "How many Singhs you know"..I replied "Manmohan Singh and Harbhajan Singh".. :)

Well, later I realized he wasn't so innocent..Actually all guides do try to make some profit out of the visitors who visit those places..So what I learnt in the process..All Singhs are not Punjabis..All Singhs are not innocent.. But yes, Punjabis are still innocent :) That theory of mine still remains unaltered!!

In the end, I was just thinking..Places in India are so beautiful..So well maintained..but the way visitors are treated, its a bit scary. If Indians are treated like this, how will foreigners be treated..We know a bit of Hindi , still we are cheated..Poor them..Remembered Aamir's promotion of Incredible India..But again, lot more needs to be done to make India really Incredible ..but not far from success!!

I have missed a lot of details..purposefully and unknowingly..Will try to add another post as continuation maybe :)