Monday, June 20, 2011

6 years @ work!

When I did my Engineering, my only concern was a job..Somehow wanted a job in the IT industry.. For a long time, the hunt was on.. Attending various campus recuitment drives..It slowly started to demotivate me..slowly..painfully.

Throughout my life, I have never got anything at the very moment I wanted it..But I have always got more than what I wanted, after waiting for sometime..

Then came the day when I got my first job offer. It was the most wanted one..I thanked everything under the sun for my opportunity...Joined the IT industry for the first time, on 20th June 2005. Its now 6 years since then...My third company now!

No regrets! Happy I still have a job.. Happy I am still independent and am able to lead a life which I always wanted to. 6 years...Not a big number to write a blog on..But an accomplishment for me..Since when I began..I never knew I would complete 6 years :)

I remember my first manager asking me on my first appraisal meeting.."Where do you see yourself after 5 years"..I didnt know the answer..its 5 years since that question was asked to me ..Now I know where I am :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

A new life

Before anyone comes to any conclusion on my subject line, let me explain - This post is continuation of my previous post. My laptop - my beloved is back and that's my new life. The Hp service center rudely claimed they cant repair my laptop. But a normal computer hardware guy repaired my laptop. Without replacing anything but by just removing and cleaning and repositioning a bit.

Anyways, he is back..and a new life starts! :)

I realized I am addicted. Addicted to my laptop..Since the days without my laptop was like a torture to me..I preferred sleeping to relieve me from the pain and torture of its absence. Addiction is bad! But I cant help it!

I put up the status on my gtalk and people thought I am getting married..Is marriage the only status change possible in one's life? Doesn't anything else even matter!

Anyways, My laptop is back..and I am back!