Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am just back from a malayalam movie named Pranayam..Awesome acting by Mohanlal, Jayaprada and Anupam Kher..

Usually I relate well with romantic movies..but this movie somehow made me think..How often can someone fall in love? Does it happen only in movies or books that u can fall for multiple people..

Love could happen to anyone anytime..But love makes you selfish..If so, Is love actually blind?

Maybe I need to reach my 60s to truly understand...

Pranayam...I am still to understand d depth of d movie..

Friday, September 16, 2011

Is it a mistake to not have a husband?

This is an incident which happened to me yesterday.. It was a tiring day at work when my mobile rang..I picked up the phone and a lady at the other end started off happily with her conversation..She gladly announced that I am the proud winner in some lucky draw..

Nothing good had happened to me the whole day, so I just hoped this might be the turning point that I was waiting for..I casually asked her, which lucky draw she is talking about and she mentioned about the lucky draw based on my shopping..Obviously, females do a lot of shopping, no doubt! Ok..I thought..might be some shopping of mine!

She started giving me a long list of goodies I had won..It was such a big list I couldnt remember what all she said..other than 2 main things ..some coffee set and a free trip to Ooty..

And after her long list, she told me "So Madam, Please come with your husband and collect the gifts".

The word "husband" seemed too wierd suddenly... I replied.."Well, I am unmarried"..Before I could add anything more..she slammed the phone..

Was being single a crime? Was I rude in not bringing a husband along? Wouldn't my boyfriend/brother/friend or me myself be capable of carrying the list of gifts home?? Do I really need a husband for that????

Strange..Maybe she was just jealous that I am single :-) Maybe I should have called her back and checked it :-)