Friday, October 21, 2011

A day to office!!

Accidents are not something new for me..Have been having regular encounters with small accidents throughout my life..mainly after moving to Bangalore.

Earlier every travel to native from bangalore used to end in an accident or a puncture or breakdown of the bus. But I changed the travels and realised accidents werent because of my bad luck for a change.

Even while walking on the roads in Bangalore, an auto or something used to come and hit me..Again my bad luck followed..

I have even seen instances where people have been beaten with blood profusing right in front of eyes and I have witnessed it frozen, unable to be of any help!

Its been a long time now..Whenever I drive I realise all the accidents thats happened, and I try to be very cautious..

But today, while travelling in my office cab to office, it met with an accident. I was deeply engrossed in reading the book "P.S I Love You".. I banged my face onto the seat in front. One of my nostril almost got stuck to the septum and I had to pull it apart so that I can breath. I am writing this blog with a paining nose..(yes of course after reaching office)..Just in case I dont survive some more hours, thought I would write down my thoughts fast :-)

The accident was pretty minor and nothing happened to anyone..But that was a really close one!!

If it would have been a bigger one, dont know what state I would have been now..Dead on the road? Maybe in an ambulance stuck in the traffic jam?? Maybe I might just live?

Suddenly you realise all what you planned for tomorrow is a dream..You need to finish of things today..You just have very less valuable time in this world..So live your dreams..Why does everytime an accident have to enforce this thought in me everytime?

Every encounter with death makes you realise the value of life. Every encounter of failure makes you realise the value of success!