Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hiding is difficult

Its been one whole year that I have been away from blogging..So Happy New Year 2013..

It wasnt a resolution. It was an attempt to hide from all kinds of social networking.. Hiding from the world..An escape!

But alas, its very difficult for me to hide. I tried hiding myself from facebook, blogs, chats, emails, phone calls, parties n all such other occassions ..I was successful in almost everything other than emails.

It was like a serious attempt to cut myself off and see if it works..It works fine but majority of the world just goes ahead without anyone noticing your absence and then you realize, you need to be online to prove others you are still alive!!

:-) "Out of sight, out of mind" holds almost everywhere!

Anyways it felt good to be away and it feels good to be back as well..

Let this new year bring a lot of good surprises to all!!