Monday, March 31, 2014

The BandAid Theory!

Usually the heart and mind are always on sync. And that's the reason most of the time we are happy. Because the heart and mind would be satisfied with the result. So what is the main reason when a conflict could happen...Love!! People say when you fall in love, your heart beats faster or it skips a beat. They say your heart hurts or your heart breaks. Love is always attached with heart and not mind..why so?

Below is my analysis: please note I have no proofs..its just my own theory!

Scene: you feel you love a guy or a girl
A conversation between mind and heart starts then on:

Mind: He /she does not suit you. You must be crazy!
Heart: I just can't live without him/her.
Mind: For that your families need to agree. There are so many differences.
Heart: Love is blind. Even you are thinking about him/her all the time.
Mind: Love is blind but he/she is not...he/she has to love you in the first place!
Heart: hmm

The conversation doesn't end there but one or the other would choose to win depending on the person and situation. Now let's say the heart wins and you go ahead and propose the person and the result: a big no!

Mind: See, I told you! You are such a big fool!
Heart: sob sob
Mind: Now never again come with all your silly requests. I just have no time for you!
Heart: sob sob
Mind: Of all the people in this just found him/her to love? Have a life!!
Heart: shatters and gets hurt deep..chooses to be silent from now on.

Our minds are very strict. It analyzes everything based on the reality and statistics. It is almost always right in maths. Our hearts are very soft. It sees no facts. Its like a child. It just loves to play. Our minds are our strictest parent. Minds too love you but just don't want you to get hurt.

My advice to all those heart broken people would be: treat your heart like your child. Allow it to go outside and play. Let him or her fall down and get hurt. It would hurt you to see him or her cry but that is OK. Apply a bandaid and send him or her back to the playground. The happiness a child gets in playing can never be achieved by locking up your child in a room. Let go of your hurt...give freedom to your heart. Allow it to get hurt. Just don't forget to buy some Band-Aids and stock it up at home. :)