Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year - 2015

Happy New Year 2015

I am experiencing a different new year eve this time. I am at the other part of the world where its still New Years Eve whereas rest of my family and friends in their part of the world have already entered into the New Year.

Sometimes it is a wonder how the world could be like this and how people actually do time travel..who said there is no time machine!!Believe in me! There is a wonderland hidden somewhere!

Who says life never gives a second chance. It does give many chances- just that we are not open for those new chances. So unlike all these years, I hope all of us get to see the innumerable opportunity the world has for us and find our small small happiness in them.

May this year be that year where you take the learning from all these years and use them to be a better person!

Happy New Year :)