Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My lovesss

Thank you Google for the Project Fi Welcome Kit ! You inspired me to blog the next post dedicated to all my Google loves oops devices :P

I am the proud owner of Nexus 7, 6, 4 , Chromecast, Project Fi and its Welcome Kit :)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Project Fi

So before I go into further details, I must admit , I have moved on from my previous love. Its very rude of me but I had to do this. This time I let go of Nexus 4 for Nexus 6. Its really huge!! Reasons: 1) Amazon cut down the price making its a good deal 2) I could try my much awaited Project Fi. 3) I wanted a new phone ;)

Of all the reasons, reason 2 is what has made me very happy.

I was using a T-Mobile connection and the network was not so great at my home and was terrible at office. So I had been thinking of switching my connection to AT&T. But before that I had subscribed for Project Fi. For those of you who dont know about Project Fi, its Google's new cell phone service using wifi calling but for now it works only with Nexus 6. It should be working with the newer devices from Google but for now, its just Nexus 6. Project Fi works on invite basis. Nexus 6's cost , not being affordable , was totally out of my budget. Being one of the early subscribers, I got the invite to Project Fi pretty early. I remember the time when getting a Gmail invite used to be the "happening" thing then.

So then two weeks back, Amazon reduced the Nexus 6 cost and I decided to buy the Nexus 6. Ordered the Project Fi sim as well and I got both set up now and to be very honest, I am very happy with the coverage. It works at my house and office, what more do I need. International calls is 1c per minute and total cost is $20 for base line and $10 for 1GB data which will be reimbursed based on the usage. Its far cheaper than the T-Mobile plan of $50 + international plan of $15 and above all, there is coverage where-ever I want and when-ever I want.

I agree this needs more work from Google to make it a full-fledged working network and not sure how other cellular networks are going to take this. But its really a good move from Google. A brilliant idea!

I am in love with you Google. Sorry I cant help it!